1)FROM THE BEGINNING: On each research trip, collect all the information you need for the particular source!

2) WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Choose from below the type of source (for example, book, magazine, TV program)

                A) FIRST:Ask the special case questions! (for example, does it have 2 authors?).  If true, follow that format.

B) SECOND: RARE CASES:   Does your source fit into a category listed under RARE/other cases? If so, talk to the instructor for formatting.

               C)OTHERWISE, If not, follow the standard example below.  Write down all the information from the source.

*If you go to http://www.newclassroom.com/mla-ex.htm   you can click for actual examples of every type.



  For standard  

  book you need:



     3) Place


     5) Date



1)Is this a book online from Bartleby.com?

2)Does it have 2 authors?                              

3)Does it have 3 authors?                                                          

4)Does it have 4 or more authors?                

5)Is author a group or corporation?               

6)Using  more than 1 book by same author? 

7)Does the cover say 2nd edition, etc?
8) Book with no author listed?                              

9)Does the chapter you are using have a diff.

         Author than rest of book (for example,

          Introduction, preface, Foreward,

          Commentary, notes, etc)?                    

10)Does book have editor as well as authors?   

11)Is this book a Part of anthology or Collection?

12)Is it a book section that is part of a book online with all the sections by same author?

13) BOOK section that is part of a book online where each section is by a different author, and the whole book has an editor

RARE CASES: Author was anonymous at time of publication but now known, Author uses initials,                 

        Bible, Classical (Ancient Greek/Roman) works, Book published before 1900, Part of a collection, Refering to book’s illustrations or maps, Manuscript format, Ancient scroll, Play, Poem, Part of anthology  Title not English

 Standard example (1 author):   Smith, Larry.  Art of War.  New York: Penguin, 1999




Journal, Newspaper

(Paper or online):

    For standard  

    you need:


     2)Article title

     3)mag/paper name

     4)Vol/Issue #


     6)Page #’s of article



No author of article listed?                           

Is it from a special section, like letters to

   editor, editorials, retraction, or notes?       

Does it have volume #’s/Issue #?                 

Are you referring to a review of something?

Is this a special issue eg (Annual)?          

Is this an interview of someone?             

Is this a printing of a speech?                  

Is this an article with no title?                  


RARE/SPECIAL CASES: An abstract in a specialized journal of abstracts, Journal with volume numbering, Article collection service, Microform, Monograph, Reprint, Title has quotation marks in it, Title is not in English, Column/Cartoon/Advertisement in newspaper, Advertisement in magazine   

Standard example (magazine):   Smith, Larry. “Running the Race.” Sports Illustrated Jan. 2000: 51-54.

Standard example (newspaper):   Cole, Bob. “Kids on Crack.” Arizona Republic. 30 Mar 2002: 10A.

Standard example (journal):  Bowie, Boba.  “Postmodern Pathetic Fallacy.” TFWO 12 (2002): 128-140.


Standard example (online magazine):   Smith, Larry. “Running the Race.” Sports Illustrated Online Jan. 2000.

                                                                          Oct. 18 2002 <http://www.sportsillustrated.com/stories/un1.html>.

Standard example (online newspaper):   Cole, Bob. “Kids on Crack.” Arizona Republic Online. 30 Mar. 2002. 

                                                                             22 Oct. 2002 <http://www.arizonarepublic.com/old/1011a.cfm>.







(not for a existing on paper mag or newspaper):

    Standard need:

     1)Author(s)of page; 

        otherwise, org. or

        individual owners  

        of website

     2)Article title/title

        of specific page

     3)Name of website

     4)Date you viewed

     5) Website URL

Standard webpage w/article by author: Lowtax, Serdar. DIVx page.  “DIVX ripping for beginners.” 23 Oct.

                                                                              2002 <http://www.mpgmasters.com/guide/step1.htm>


Standard example (webpage no article):

                                         Internet Movie Database.  Feb. 14 2003. <http://www.imdb.com/Title?0203166>.


Standard example (webpage with a title [in quotations] and a website name [underlined]):

                                          Fushigi Yuugi Fansubbers Page.  “Fushigi Yuugi: Chi-Chiri’s Shrine.”

                                                 23 Oct. 2002 <http://www. fushigi.com /char/chiri.html>.


                                          NewClassroom.com.  "MLA examples."  27 Oct. 2002.  14 Feb. 2003.



                                          Something Awful website. " Cliff Yablonski Hates you."  12 Jan. 2001. 

                                                   14 Feb. 2003.   <http://www.somethingawful.com/cliff/ihateyou/>.



Standard example (home page of website):  Drink or Die Hacker Group.  Home Page. 23 Oct. 2002


Personal, standalone webpage:  Jafrello, Abe.  Resume page.  12 Nov 1999.  11 Feb. 2003.




OTHER ELECTRONIC/ONLINE SOURCES:  online advertisements, scholarly project, audio program online, online databases, E-mail, Encyclopedia online, Film/video clip online, Interview online, LINK to a file online, Chat room transcript, Newsgroup message, online newsletter, online-only novel, Email lists, Online art, online diary/weblog, webcam:


& Reference books

Standard example (encyclopedia):    “Agriculture.” Encyclopedia Brittanica. 1998 ed.

Standard example (Dictionary): “Will to Power.” Dictionary of Philosophy.  Ed. Gil Yu. Maine: Penguin 1997                                  



AOL Chatroom/Chat interview

Newsgroup message (eg from deja.com, groups.google.com)

Email message

Regular face to face interview

Online library full text database


Live performance/event/sports game


Not so common

Art work:   


Broadcast interview:




Musical Composition:

Performance Program: