Have ANY one of the 6 problems below and your paper INSTANTLY becomes a F/ zero.  No exceptions.

Since final paper is worth so much a percent of final grade, an F on this means you fail the course.


1) No citations at all in a paper OR less than 4 direct quotes in “quotes” or paraphrases from sources;


2) No Works Cited Page (Remember: must now be in exact MLA format);


3) FAIL PLAGIARISM TEST: (random pages of paper may be scanned and tested with EVE2 and other methods of plagiarism testing).  For more info on EVE2, goto


4) On your submitted paper, UNDERLINE the thesis in your intro (in the first 3 paragraphs), which is your argumentative topic as it was approved


5) Each of your minimum 3 sources (1st paper) or 8 sources (2nd paper) have to be used at least once in your paper.  (Any sources beyond the minimum 8 can be used just once, twice, etc).


6) Did Not hand-in your signed honor statement with or before submitting your paper (If you leave the paper in my mailbox, YOU MUST attach your notes)