First Paper (3-5 pages) DUE: _______


LAST DAY TO CHANGE/LOCK TOPIC: ________        EARLY DATE (+5 pts) _________

LAST/ONLY LATE DATE: (-10 pts) ___________


0) 3-5 pages, not including title page or Works Cited and worth _____% of the grade.


1)Student chosen topics are fine, with instructor approval.  Make sure your thesis is narrow enough to be answered in 3-5 pages with quotes and DETAILS: statistics, testimonial, examples, scenarios, dates, quantities, etc….


2) Paper must be Argumentative: make your thesis, support it with evidence.


3) Paper topics can be from the list of 100 topics or of the student’s choosing.  Both must be narrowed down correctly as taught in class and put in argumentative form.


4) From date for topic approval (________) to Paper due (__________): _______ days


5) 3 sources required: minimum 1 book, remaining two sources can be magazines or websites, more books, etc.   


6) Modified versions of Paperkillers below: #1 (no citations at all only), #2 (no Works Cited page at all), and #4(underline your thesis and at least 3 main points/topic sentences in paragraphs)



ENG102 FINAL PAPER: DUE: ______     requirements & the “6 Paper Killers”


LAST DAY TO CHANGE/LOCK TOPIC: ________            EARLY DATE (+5 pts) _________

LAST/ONLY LATE DATE: (-10 pts) ___________


* 6-8 pages (not including cover page and works cited page) and worth ____% of the grade

* 8 sources minimum (including 3 books minimum)

* Topics must be narrowed to 6th level and in Argumentative  form.


*While small paper usually broke into 3-4 argumentative points/subtopics, final paper must breakdown into minimum of 5 argumentative points.  The 5 points MUST be argumentative – informative paragraphs lose points!)


*Graded more strictly than 1st paper (see first paper’s score after the slash)


* NEW: Works Cited page must be in strict MLA format


* NEW: Has at least ONE paragraph (right before the conclusion) defending against an OPPOSITE POINT OF VIEW: defend against counterarguments (counterarguments can be opposition point of view, different view-point, limits of budget and reality, difference between ideal & practice, etc). 



THE 6 PAPER KILLERS FOR THE FINAL PAPER:“The training wheels are off”

Have ANY one of the 6 problems below and your paper INSTANTLY becomes a F/ zero.  No exceptions.

Since final paper is worth so much a percent of final grade, an F on this means you fail the course.


1) No citations at all in a paper OR less than 4 direct quotes in “quotes” from sources;


2) No Works Cited Page (Remember: must now be in exact MLA format);


3) FAIL PLAGIARISM TEST: (random pages of paper may be scanned and tested with EVE2 and other methods of plagiarism testing).  For more info on EVE2, goto


4) On your submitted paper, UNDERLINE the thesis in your intro (in the first 3 paragraphs), which is your argumentative topic as it was approved.   Next circle the 5 sentences that are the minimum 5 arguments/ points /topic sentences throughout your paper.

FOR EACH thing NOT UNDERLINED or CIRCLED as instructed above: you lose 5 points.

(1+5=6 x 5 = -30 points lost if nothing circled or underlined).


5) Each of your minimum 8 sources have to be used at least twice in your paper.  (Any sources beyond the minimum 8 can be used just once, twice, etc).


6) Did Not hand-in your signed honor statement with or before submitting your paper OR DID NOT SHOW NOTES when submitting paper (If you leave the paper in my mailbox, YOU MUST attach your notes)