Topic narrowing/choice Workshop…

Need to get at least 1 topic approved before you can leave

To do so:

1)               On a piece of paper with your name and section# on it, show your (at least 1, as many as 3) topics narrowed to the 6th level and in argumentative form.  Show each level. 

*If you choose one from the list, you still have to prove/show the narrowing to the 6th level (some topics are already at 6th level, some at 5th…)


2)                Bring the paper up to me for approval or suggestions.  If you are stuck, keep working at your seat and I will make the rounds after taking care of those who are set.


3)               If approved, write the exact topic as approved on another paper.  Save this!  You must use the exact word for word approved topic as your thesis on your actual paper.


TOPIC LOCKS on/ LAST DATE to change topic:
given next class and due date changed