Goldmines HW: Using the goldmines handout: Choose 3 of the sites and for EACH:

A) In 1-3 sentences define  the site/ what it could best be used for
B) What about the site could be useful for your major or future papers?
C) What about the site surprised you/what could be surprisingly useful


GOLDMINES WEBSITES for the PAPER : best web sites for browsing for topics and Often excellent for preliminary SOURCES!!!!

Each link below is absolutely incredible for use as a resource in choosing/narrowing/preliminary source finding.  KEEP THIS handout, as many students have found these websites to be "goldmines" of information for other classes after having completed ENG102.


1) :  topics from current events to education to Health field, organized in increasingly narrowing categories/topics.  A total of over 22,000 (!) links from topics to general information articles.


2)  Librarian's index to the internet.  General subjects broken down by current happenings in those topics, groups, important people and places all important to that topic.  Because its organized by Librarians, you can be sure the sources are fairly good and validated for authority


3) resources for journalists -- hundreds of topics that are currently hot, with links to allegedly unbiased websites that meet the journalistic standard for integrity and neutrality of point of view.


4) policy, politics and public opinion topics.  Covers topics over which political and legal decisions are made (for example, immigration, welfare reform, etc)


5) controversy and strong opinions on issues that have true believers, fanatics, and opponents.  You'll also get some spectacular stories that don't get popular media attention because they are too revealing or controversial.


6) politics and policy, as handled by *EACH* state.  (For example, look up what's being done in anti-terrorism preparation for AZ, then for NY, then for DC, etc)


7)  hot topics and latest news in science, with "written for students" summaries of many highly technical topics.