Class 6 with substitute: QUIZ 3 + in class writing of HW3: brainstorming and intro from the narrative


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 (you can use the same quiz paper or a different one for the in class writing: HW3 below)



Today…IN CLASS: DO HW 3, prep for Narrative

1)ENG101 HW3 due BRAINSTORMING TECHNIQUES + an INTRO (any style from handout: story, then and now, controversial, etc) for Narrative  For your possible interesting personal narrative event….


HW3 PART 1)Choose any one brainstorming technique from list of brainstorming techniques (except for #12 intro):  (from class 5 notes on à handouts ). On a piece of paper, choose, use and show the work of the brainstorming technique If you do caption a pic, attach a copy and send via email.

Part I: absolute no clue what to write about or writer’s block

1)free association list

2)look around technique

3)mind map

4)word game

5)caption an image showing proper mood [image search on yahoo, google, etc)
6)media res writing (in middle of action)

7)random notes


Brainstorming part 2, with writing when you have some ideas

8)write a title/

9)first sentence

10)piece of dialogue


13)summary list

14)character profile

15) personal experience summarized w/ notes

) do 1 INTROS technique FROM INTROS HANDOUT this time for the experience chosen above  (absolute minimum 3-4 sentences minimum; as much as 8-14 – whatever it takes to make it a full paragraph)


HW3 PART 3)From these two techniques (your choice + experimental INTRO), Write down/choose the idea you like the best. This will be the topic for the narrative experience you will develop into the Narrative ESSAY, so be choosey.


HW3 PART 4)Which of the 10 Universal storytelling tools you think you could use for your narrative event that will help you ‘hook’ a reader audience, and how each of the two brainstorming techniques helped or did not help ‘find’ this.


HW3 PART 5)Imagine 2-3 products or services that could match your narrative experience at the end/become endorsed by some significant factor of your experience. Write them down.


For example: If your story was about chasing someone who just stole your laptop, Tool could be FEAR, or maybe humor, and product could be: Nike sneakers, 5 Minute energy drink, HP ultrabook, etc.

HERE are the 10 Tone Tools for General audience appeal
(same as handout on Tuesday)

10 Universal TOOLS in telling story/choosing topics  to hook General audience appeal 
(different for each culture, may not translate between different cultures, but every culture has these ‘hooks’ for attention)

1)Universal ‘human’ drama : tragedy, drama, family, loneliness, etc   

2)Fantasy roleplay (eg Axe Spray, Sports Videogames)

3)Ride or react to a Trend (eg Vampire genre)


5)Celebrity or sexual or heroic character’s endorsement


7)Desire to be successful /cool


9)Disarming of a Fear

10)Over the top or Controversial  



When done with HW3, hand in to instructor (or email it to me at  and may leave for the LC partner class.

Don’t forget the Career Analysis 100 pt assignment is due by tonight 11:59 email or give to instructor!