The Classroom Academic Skills Integration Program

Spring 2010

Student Instructions For Completing This Assignment

At any point while working on this assignment you have questions or problems call 732-7158.


What is CLASI?† CLASI involves academic skills-based workshops meant to enhance student preparation and understanding of college related demands.† Introduced through scheduled workshops, or individual web-based online assignments, students will complete one or more modules as instructed by their instructor.† Students will select from the following CLASI topics:

Motivation and Avoiding Procrastination:† Why Am I In College?
Topics include: Self-responsibility for class performance, clarifying college goals & intentions, recognizing victim excuses, time management strategies, strategies to overcome procrastination

College Transition:† Itís Not The 13th Grade
Topics include: College level expectations and demands, college policies and procedures related to academic misconduct, academic integrity, time commitment, communicating with instructors, your course syllabus content, negative effects of poor attitude, poor attendance, tardiness, and use of electronic devices during class.

Active Listening, Notetaking and Textbook Reading
Topics include: Staying focused during lecture, how to avoid distractions, lecture notetaking strategies, instructor cues to important material, the SQ
3R textbook reading technique, and reviewing notes for tests.

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Topics include: Causes of test anxiety, explanation of test anxiety, overcoming self-defeating beliefs, use of positive self-talk affirmations, practicing physical and mental relaxation techniques, and more.


Time Management
Topics include: Strategies and suggestions for improving one's use of time, learn to prioritize and keep track of activities and events, access and use of resources and materials for scheduling, and the negative outcomes of procrastination.



Students have two options for completing this assignment (Unless your instructor specifies that you must attend the workshops).† You can attend a scheduled one hour workshop or complete an online web-based module.† If you choose the online option, once you complete the exercises, you MUST meet with a counselor to review the completed exercises.



CLASI workshops begin on February 2nd and end March 24th. †The online option will be available on Friday, Feb. 5th.† VERY IMPORTANT: The online web-based option is shut down on Monday, April 5th.† DONíT PROCRASTINATE!† Get this assignment done as soon as you can.



Once you attend a workshop, or meet with a counselor to review your online results, we will provide you with a VCF verifying attendance and completion of the CLASI assignment.† You will submit the VCF to your instructor as proof that you completed the assignment.†



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Here are the topics, dates, times, and location of the CLASI workshops.† You need to register ahead of time for the workshop(s) you will be attending.† Workshop seating is limited so register early.† VERY IMPORTANT: In order for you to receive a VCF, you will not be allowed in late (5 minutes), nor can you leave early from the workshops.† Plan to arrive on time and stay the hour.


Phone Workshop Registration: Call 480-732-7158.† To register online, log on at:



ALL WORKSHOPS HELD 12:45-1:45pm in Room L103 (Near library entrance)


Why am I in college?

T†††††† Feb 2††††††††††† Motivation/Procrastination

W ††† Feb 17††††††††† Motivation/ Procrastination

T ††††† Mar 2††††††††††† Motivation/ Procrastination

W ††† Mar 24††††††††† Motivation/ Procrastination


Community College: It's not the 13th Grade!

W†††† Feb 3††††††††††† College Transition/Classroom Etiquette

T ††††† Feb 23††††††††† College Transition/Classroom Etiquette


Strategies for Notetaking

T ††††† Feb 9††††††††††† Notetaking: Active Listening and Reading

W ††† Feb 24††††††††† Notetaking: Active Listening and Reading

W ††† Mar 10††††††††† Notetaking: Active Listening and Reading


And the Answer is . . .

W†††† Feb 10††††††††† Overcoming Test Anxiety

T†††††† Mar 9††††††††††† Overcoming Test Anxiety


How do YOU use your time?

T†††††† Feb 16††††††††† Time Management

W†††† Mar 3††††††††††† Time Management

T†††††† Mar 23††††††††† Time Management



This option requires a followup appointment with a counselor after you complete the online exercises.†

If you have trouble logging on, or have other questions about the online assignment, call 732-7158


Step One: Log on to the link below and then select Online version of CLASI



Step Two: Follow the instructions for completing the exercises (it will take you about 60-75 minutes). Be sure to make hard copies of the exercises you are asked to complete.† When you are done, use the checklist at the end of the module to make sure you have all the necessary printouts needed for your appointment with the counselor. †If you run into any problems or have questions, call 480-732-7158.


Step Three: †Meet with a counselor (appointments will last 30-45 minutes).† On the day of your scheduled appointment bring your completed exercises.† VERY IMPORTANT: You will not be given a Verification of Completion Form (VCF) if you show up to the appointment without all the required exercises completed.† After your meeting with a counselor, you will be provided a VCF which you will give to your instructor as proof that you completed the assignment.