Handouts/Notes from Classes (LC 101)

Presentation checklist (hw 10)


HW 1: The Lingerie Product Dilemma


HW2 & ANALYSIS/Career Breakdown essay (100 pts)

Sample A analysis/career breakdown essay

HW 3 and 4 and Narrative ESSAY (100pts)


Narrative Rubric


PROCESS ESSAY ( 100 pts)
Compare/Contrast Essay (200 pts)



HW 5: Meet: What’s for Dinner (revising HW)

HW Process Topic &  Process Steps


HW 8: Comp/Contrast Country Categories (email instructor to be assigned)


HW 9: Arguments


HW 10 (see class 23 notes below/Group-Team dynamics)



Class 1 NOTES:  First day

Class 2 NOTES: 2nd day

Class 3 Notes: PARTS and QUIZ 1 READING link

Class 4 Notes: 7 Parts of Writing & Quiz 1 American Audience Quiz 2 reading

Class 5: Notes: Brainstorming and Intro to Narrative Essay

Class 6: Notes: HW 3 in class and Start of the Narrative Essay

Class 7: Notes: Proofing, Revising, and Rubric for Narrative

Narrative Essay Collaborative Rubric


Class 8 NOTES: Grade a narrative essay


Class 9 NOTES: Process Essay part 1 (reading for quiz)


Class 10 Notes: Process Essay pt 2 incl. grading sample


Class 11 Notes: Process RUBRIC SAMPLE GRADE

Class 12 Notes: Process 


Class 13 Notes: Start Global Audience/ ad examples towards Compare/Contrast (not for Fall 2019)



Class 15 NOTES: Compare/Contrast in class
CLASS 16 NOTES: Compare/Contrast pt 2

Class 18 Compare/Contrast  Presentation questions

Class 19: NOTES: Presentation Rules/ Research Paper  pt 1
Class 20: NOTES: Research paper overview: 3 parts

Class 21: NOTES: TPEOEO and other research paper basics


Class 22: NOTES:  ARGUMENTS and research for the research paper


CLASS 24: Intros, Conclusion, and last lessons











Class 2 Note: Analysis 1/PTARP
artificial skin article


Class 3 NOTES: Audience 1

Handout: 10 tones/ hook of audience appeal handout

Class 4 NOTES: Audience 2: Global
handout: 5 major global cultural differences


Class 5 NOTES: Brainstorming

Class 6 Analysis Workshop (one on one/no notes)

Class 7 NOTES: From Notes to ZERO DRAFT


Class 8 NOTES: First Draft concerns & Tips

Ways to Organize an essay  handout


Class 9 NOTES:  Proofing and checklisting



Process Handout + Process rubric



Class 13 NOTES:   the “HOW TO” essay


CLASS 14 NOTES: Walkthrough of how to write A STEP + vicarious process essay



CLASS 17 NOTES (intro to group dynamics)
Handout: 10 Archetypical Holes in Team Harmony


CLASS 18 NOTES  (Personal Assessment + Activity on dealing with Archetypical…Holes in Team Harmony)


CLASS 19 NOTES (Intro to Compare/CONTRAST)

Compare/Contrast ESSAY Description HANDOUT


CLASS 20 NOTES  (Specifics/details for Compare/ Contrast)



Class 23 Notes (intro to THESIS and TPEOEO paragraphs)

Research ESSAY Description handout


Class 24 Notes (intro to argument choice and source search)


Class 25 Notes (citations and final exam review)