100 SAMPLE TOPICS to consider for the 1st or Final paper:



1)UFC fighting is the most challenging sport to train & compete to win

2)Deaf students should be mainstreamed rather than put into special schools

3)Atheist parents face special problems in racing their children

4)Illegal Immigration is creating severe social and economic problems in the United States

6)The Arizona small farmer cannot survive against large lot developers

7)Same sex marriages should be legal in the United States

8)Steroids have destroyed the integrity of professional sports

9) The movies of John Wayne were among the earliest to humanize the portrayal of Native Americans in Hollywood

10)It is more difficult to remain an ER nurse than work in a nursing home

11)The styles and tactics of ________ make him the best <position> in

the sport of _________

12)Advertisement has introduced sex into the teen world

13)The internet has changed how people socialize for the better (or worse)

14)The cost of premature infants are overwhelming hospital budgets

15)FBI forensics can be fooled by clever criminal methods

16)Techniques and technology for firefighting have changed radically in the last ten years

17)Free weights are a better training tool than workout machines to

become a better ________ player

18)There are some essential steps for a <1 type of sport> player to

successfully attract a scout towards a pro contract

19)The politics between doctors & nurses interferes with patient care

20)Nursing home abuse occurs because of inadequate monitoring

21)Hacking has become more of a money  making crime than a technical challenge

22)Cult deprogramming works thru specific psychological strategies

23)Dance notation is an effective way of conveying steps to dancers

24)Discount housing ultimately hurts retail businesses in the neighborhood

25)Legalized gambling has hurt more than benefited the Native

American community

26)Religion is interfering with science and/or social progress

27)Spying/monitoring technology is worth the loss of privacy

28)Religious leaders must become involved in politics in order to stop corruption and decadence

29)Exotic Clubs are a legitimate business that can be run crime-free

30)The elderly were more affected by the economic crash than most

31)The health care system has failed veterans returning from the Middle East

32)The internet is quickly replacing television as the dominant form of entertainment

33)Teaching Hungarian Folk dance requires several definite steps

34)Children of divorced parents suffer more problems than two parent kids

35)Professional <choose 1 sport> is more about business than about athletics

36)Nurses face special issues when working with Alzheimer patients

37)<1 type of treatment> is best for dealing with cancer

38)There are specific marketing techniques people have used to make

money from feeding off the fear of terrorist attack

39)Native Americans who seek to mainstream into American business face special problems

40)Prison culture has become part of mainstream teen culture

41)Nonverbal communication is a fully formed language in the gay community

42)Racism in the (choose 1 ethnicity) community is often worst against their own

43)Nurses face burnout because of several factors of their occupation

44)There are many ways that a business hides occupational

discrimination against the older worker

45)There are several powerful ways to modify a car for drag racing

46)The closeted politician faces more problems than the openly gay candidate

47)Ex-servicemen sometimes bring negative qualities from the military

into civilian life

48)Racism occurs in subtle ways in the military

49) Global Warming is a false concept invented by people with an agenda.

50) ‘For the Children’ has become the excuse of every group that can’t

find other legitimate justifications for their agendas.

51)Sleep learning is a myth with no psychological evidence behind it

52)Interracial couples face special problems from dating to marriage

53)Women face special problems working as prison guards

54)Women face special problems in the military

55)Affirmative action needs to end if equality is a goal in the United States.

56)Public Education in the United States has failed because of corruption and bad spending

57)The internet has created a culture of voyeurs and perverts

58) Hollywood portrays fathers in mostly negative ways and stereotypes

59)Technology and marketing has replaced talent in the music business.

 60)The drug war has and always will be a waste of money

61) Paganism is a legitimate form of religion

62)The educational system of <choose country> is less effective than

that of <choose country>

63)Conservatives are portrayed in negative stereotypes in media

64)Science Fiction has shaped how science and the future really evolves.

65)The life of the migrant farm worker has changed from then and now

66) Pseudo-Science is a threat to legitimate science research and funding

67)The political structure on the Reservation has favoritism & private agendas

68)The judicial system of <name of country> is a corrupt failure

69)There is hidden agenda WITHIN the political leaders of the <choose 1 ethnic or political group> community.

70)Attention deficit disorder is increasingly overdiagnosed & overmedicated

71)The anti-hero has become a popular character for several social reasons

72)Elections are now more about sabotaging opponents than about honestly answering and tackling real issues

73)Police Officers are more likely to face psychological and family problems because of their profession

74)Bodybuilders must now use dieting & specific supplements in order to have a chance at winning

75) Military training needs to change to match new realities of real combat

76) The Howard Stern show has been unfairly targeted and censored by various groups with agendas

77) Mobile technology in the last 5 years has completely changed society

78)Big Box businesses are killing off competition and small business 79)Obesity in America is directly due to the fast food industry

80)The Truth anti-smoking campaign was a waste of money

81) The prison system in the United States needs to be privatized

82) Husbands face bias in family and divorce rulings in the courts

83)Single mothers face more types of discrimination in society

84)Advertisers are using specific marketing techniques to “sell” hip hop influences to suburban youth

85)Violence in video games does not lead to increased violence among teens

86)There are several things customers don’t want to know about the

restaurant/fast food business

87)English should be made the official language of the United States

88)Reverse racism is a growing problem in the United States

89)ESL programs are more effective than immersion programs

90)There are several standard ways that a politician can avoid

answering a question

91)Vegetarian living is a better, healthier lifestyle choice

92)Homeschooling can be a better educational choice than public schooling

93)Republicans are trying to get Hispanics away from the democratic party

94) Women/men are likely to continue dating the wrong type of people because of early family experiences

95) Highschool bullying and cliques are responsible for rise of HS shooters

96) Prostitution should be legalized in the United States

97) People of faith are discriminated against in the workplace and educational institutions

98) Lobbying has lead to the corruption of the American political system

99) The United States will lose it’s lead in various fields in the next century

100) The American health care system will collapse in the next 50 years